Saturday, January 21, 2017

Love is the Service

Conscience City is an organization that offers benevolence and love to teen girls who have run away or are thinking of running away from home.  Teen girls who run away from home because they are escaping a home where parents or caretakers are involved in a domestically violent relationship experience neglect "in the streets."  

... labels and abuse in the institutions,

... rejection and blame from "home,"

... being ostracized from society

... and "prey to predators."  This includes a vulnerability to countless social ills that plague deprived and marginalized groups.   

It is the objective of Conscience City to "stand in the gap" for this demographic of teen girls who run away and who are currently on the run.

As a grassroots organization, our point of connection with teen runaways is when they are incarcerated.  

To the sisters who are currently on the run, we hold up a candle in hope that your path will be visible.  That is, the path that will lead you to your freedom.  Authentic freedom from abuse and what can feel like emotional bondage is your right.  May love bless the way!  And may courage keep you!